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On Resolutions

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So it seems I’ve managed not to post anything here for over a year — which is a shame, as 2014 was fairly eventful.

I’m not usually much for New Years resolutions, but early last January I did write a note on my phone: “Get fit, get married, get British citizenship; make more art, make more music”. I rediscovered the note about halfway through the year and was both pleased and surprised to realise I’d accomplished nearly all of them, to some degree. Using myfitnesspal and focusing on lower-calorie weekday dinners, I lost more than 10kg over the year from last January’s all-time high weight; my husband and I got around to planning our wedding after a year’s engagement, and married in the fall; I finally got around to applying for British citizenship, and had my citizenship ceremony in the spring. We discovered a weekly life-drawing class just around the corner, and attended regularly through the year, improving our skills bit by bit. (Music is the outlier of the list, and still needs attention, although by definition we have made more music this year compared to a previous baseline of almost none. Baby steps.)

One year of life drawing

One year of weekly life drawing; first pose on the left, last pose on the right.

My goals for the coming year are perhaps less well-defined, but I hope to post here somewhat more frequently. I’m usually dissatisfied with my writing ‘voice’ in blog posts, but if there’s anything I’ve learned from this year’s cooking and drawing, it’s that the way to improve is to keep doing the thing.


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