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A custom dinosaur wedding invitation


And now for something a little different: here’s a recent personal design project that I’m excited about! I designed these custom dinosaur wedding invitations for my friend’s upcoming wedding.

Dinosaur wedding invitations and RSVP cards

The invitation design was a very collaborative effort with the bride. We kicked around some more generic dino ideas in early stages, but things really took off when she came up with the idea and rough sketches of the bronto-groom craning to snack on the bouquet of his adoring bride-osaurus. From there, I created the artwork and layouts for the invitation and RSVP postcards, while refining the graphics to their final form.

Design progression of the dinosaur graphic

I loved bringing this concept to life, and can’t wait to celebrate what is sure to be a unique and fun-filled wedding!

Dinosaur graphic


20 thoughts on “A custom dinosaur wedding invitation

  1. I am getting married in October and this is the best most adorable and fitting wedding invite theme I’ve seen. Is there any way to purchase them from you are use the template? Please let me know!

  2. Hi, I love the design of these invites. I’m getting married next October and would love to use these if possible? Would you consider sharing the design? Please let me know (

    • Congratulations on your wedding! Glad to hear you like the design. For a flat fee I can provide the high-resolution images, or full typesetting is at an hourly rate. I will email you with the details.

  3. Hi,
    Like the people above, the invitation is awesome! Is there any chance you could email us with any details about using your design, including costs for invitations as well as high resolution pic? They would be brilliant. Many thanks, Chris (

  4. Hi,

    I am also interested in purchasing this design for my wedding invites if possible, this design is adorable!

    My email address is: if you are able to send some information over.

    Many thanks,

  5. I LOVE THESE! We’re getting married in October at the Orlando Science Center and having our reception in their “Dino Digs” hall. Can you send me information about getting your template? These are terrific! 🙂

    Thanks ❤

  6. These are so fantastic! I would be more than willing to pay for this template. Can you please send me information as well? Nice job getting so many people to fall in love with your design!

  7. These are fabulous! I’d also like to ask about getting the template. I do have a question, though. Is it possible for the bride dino to have a white top hat instead of a veil?

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  9. Hi Meg,

    I’m also interested in the the template! could you email me the pricing details? Thanks!

  10. Meg,

    Just wanted to give you a follow-up shout out: THANK YOU so much for the template! We used these for our October wedding and they were an absolute HIT. Our guests loved them so much, a few actually made us wedding gifts inspired by them! One guest took pieces of the invitation and artistically arranged them inside a Christmas ornament; and another guest hand-painted the dinosaur design on a large plate with our names and wedding date on it ❤ Thank you for helping us do something unique for our wedding. I am so grateful you shared your talent with us.

    Take care! 🙂

  11. my wedding is dinosaur themed and I love this!! Where can I get it???

  12. I am also interested. Can you email me the details? Thanks!

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