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Manchester Instameet

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This weekend the Instagramers Manchester group (@igersmcr) held its third meet-up, corresponding with an Instagram worldwide Instameet. We met up in Castlefield and walked around the area, photographing the bridges, boats and Roman forts. Castlefield is a familiar photo spot for me; it has some great views and walking around with the group brought some new perspectives. The weather veered from brief downpours to bright sunshine, but mostly held off for a pleasant day. There were some other events going on in the area and we spotted some dancers warming up in the rain, a seashell-poetry art installation and an outdoor violin performance.

Manchester Walk 3

Pictures from our most recent Instameet

My partner @poodog and I have attended two previous IGers Manchester walks this year. On the first, we met in the centre of town and took in a large loop of city landmarks. The group got split up a bit when the route was interrupted mid-way by a parade coming through!

Manchester Walk 1

Pictures from the first Instameet. Center parade photo by @poodog.

The next meetup took us around Ancoats for some interesting industrial scenes. The rain didn’t let up that day, but I enjoyed peeking into old mills and finding things to photograph in an area of town I don’t often see.

Manchester Walk 2

Pictures from the Ancoats Instameet

At the end of the walk there’s always a stop for drinks, while everyone starts editing and posting their pics from the day. It’s one of the rare social occasions when it seems acceptable for everyone to stare at their phones! The Instameets are a fun way to get out in the city and enjoy a shared interest, and always a nice group of people. I look forward to future events!

Instagrammers instagramming

Instagrammers instagramming! from the first Manchester meet

For more pics of the most recent walk, check out the #mcr_walk_03 tag on Instagram. Previous walks are under #mcr_walk_01 and #mcr_walk_02. The Instagramers Manchester group can also be found on Facebook and Twitter.

All photos above by @mactire except where noted.


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