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Hipstamarch: recap

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Back in March, I devised a Hipstamatic photo-a-day project with the aim of getting to know some of the lesser-used lenses in the app’s arsenal. I used each lens exclusively for a day and posted a daily favorite shot to Instagram. At the time I had 21 Hipstamatic lenses, and combined these with the 10 Hipstamatic Disposable styles to get exactly a month’s worth. (I originally thought of dedicating a week to each lens, until I counted up just how many there were!)

My first @hipstamatic #photoaday lens for #hipstamarch is the classic John S. At the #Manchester wheel. Manchester Wheel on the #Manchester #instameet with @hipstamatic #disposable #Blackeys44

You can see all my shots collected in this set on Flickr, or by searching the #hipstamarch tag on Instagram, which also contains shots from my boyfriend who joined me in the project.

As a Hipstamatic enthusiast, I found the Hipstamarch project to be a valuable and interesting experience. I became more familiar with the characteristics of each lens, and got to know the ones I hadn’t spent too much time with. I was reminded of some older favorites, and coaxed decent images from lenses I’d have otherwise written off. My image for the Susie lens was even picked up as a sample image for this lens on the Hipstamatic web site!

It's a bleached-out pastel day with the @Hipstamatic #Susie lens. Lucas lens lunchtime. The last standard Hipstamatic lens of #hipstamarch!

Along the way, my whole approach to snapping shifted; instead of running through options, trying to find an ideal combo for a situation, I was just trying to get the best shot I could with that day’s lens. The restricted parameter was in some way liberating.

I’d recommend this kind of restricted-combo project to any Hipstamatic fan. It revived my interest in the app, and the commitment to one style is even more retro-reminiscent of shooting on film.

For trying new combo ideas on a timeframe without the monthlong schedule, the @hipstaroll account on Instagram is a great resource; their hashtags and recaps provide an overview of how a combo behaves in various settings. Hipstamatic’s own photo-a-day lists under the ‘Make Beautiful’ project banner also include some film-and-lens suggestions amongst other topic prompts.


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